Youth Fashion Shoot (Model - Stephanie Fernandez)
Silhouette Lightning style (Two Models)
Glamour Lightning Style (Models - Ellie Menke, Tania Gutierrez, and Lindsey Surin)
Glamour Lightning Style (Model Ashley Willis)
Hot Light (Model - Lauren Dwyer)
Monster Light (Model - Ashley Simone)
Monster Light (Model - Megan Pripusich)
Silhouette Light (Model - Ashley Model)
Product Photography -   Perfume (Model -  Stephanie Fernandez)
Silhouette Light (Model - Megan Pripusich)
Product Photography -  Shoe
Environmental Portrait (Model - Ashley Simone)
Sport Photography (Model - Stephanie Fernandez)
Product Photography - Bag (Model - Ashley Simone)
Titanic Recreation (Model - Lindsey Surin)
Environmental Portrait (Model - Ashley Simone)
Product Photography - Nail Paint (Model - Stephanie Fernandez)
Glamour Fashion Shoot (Model - Stephanie Fernandez)
Youth Fashion Shoot (Model - Stephanie Fernandez)
Recreation of Snow White (Model - Kolin Smith and Lindsey Surin)

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